The California Robbery Investigators Association is led by a Board of Directors comprised of a State Association President and Directors representing the two Chapters - North and South.  This leadership structure increases the accessibility of our leadership to our members, sponsors, and supporters, statewide. 


 State Association   President                                   

  Michael White

   San Jose P.D.

   (408) 768-6198




  Richard Long, CPP

   3SI Security

   (949) 279-4775


 Vice President

  Chris Brazzill

   Los Angeles P.D.

   (213) 216-3683

 2nd Vice President

 David Friedrich

  Los Angeles P.D.

  (213) 216-3684


  Michael Drago

  San Jose P.D.

  (408) 306-2235

Vice President

 Joe Fava Jr. 

 San Mateo County Sheriff's Office


 2nd Vice President 

  Chris Leddy

   San Mateo County Sheriff's Office

   (650) 520-7847

 Associate President


 Al Hrubeniuk

 Smart and Final, Retired

 (323) 974-3731

 Associate President

 Kara Szkotak

 San Mateo County District Attorney's Office

 (650) 363-1984

 Assoc. Vice President

  Ismael Moreno

   Gelson's Markets

   (661) 312-3460

 Assoc.Vice President

 Darlene Hong

 The Police Credit Union

 (415) 682-3337 



Bonnie McDonald, J&M Security

(714) 349-5325   | 


Assistant Secretary

Dick Beyl, RAB Security

(951) 208-5745   | 



Steve May

(310) 864-7393   | 


Assistant Controller

Mike Watson, LAPD Protective League

(661) 755-9233   | 



Michele Vaughan, Wells Fargo

(831) 206-8860  |


Assistant Secretary

Matthew Finley, CVS Health

(209) 325-5132   |



Bruce Sabin, San Mateo P.D. Retired

(650) 703-9521   |


Assistant Controller

Michele Vaughan, Wells Fargo

(831) 206-8860  |


South Directors  

Richard Long  -  Newport Beach PD (Retired) - 3SI Security

Gerry Kramer  -  San Diego PD (Retired)

Mike Watson - LAPD (Retired)

Ismael Moreno  - Gelson's Markets

Al Hrubeniuk - Smart & Final (Retired)

Jeff Newton  -  Glendale PD

Tom Levenberg  -  San Diego PD

Keith Soboleski  -  Burbank Airport PD/Glendale PD (Retired)

Chris Brazzill-LAPD

Steve May - FBI

Dick Beyl - RAB Security

Bonnie Mc Donald- J&M Security

Rhonda Maher - SBSD

David Friedrich - LAPD

David Auner - LASD

Sinuhe Villegas - LASD

Marc Venier - Brinks U.S.

Jim Smith - ecoATM

Thomas Engle - Santa Ana PD

Sandy Kim - Santa Ana PD



North Directors 

Jack Baxter - San Jose P.D. (Retired)

Joe Fava - Pacifica P.D. (Retired)

Mike Koppel  -  San Francisco D.A. (Retired)

Bruce Sabin  -  San Mateo P.D. (Retired)

Keith Singer  -  San Francisco P.D. (Retired)

Brian McDonald - Santa Clara County D.A.'s Office

Gary Ramos  -  San Mateo S.O. (Retired)

Brian Baker  -  Yuba City P.D.

Jeff Webster - Yuba City P.D. (Retired)

Dennis J. Ward  -  Sacramento S.O. (Retired)

Matthew Finley - CVS Health

Michele Vaughan - Wells Fargo Bank

Mike Egan - Chevron (Retired)

Michael White - San Jose P.D.

Michael Drago - San Jose P.D.

Joe Fava Jr. - San Mateo S.O.

Chris Leddy - San Mateo S.O.

Patrick Boyd - San Jose P.D. (Retired)

Darlene Hong - The Police Credit Union

Kara Szkotak - San Mateo County D.A.'s Office

Nick Niedenthal - Hayward PD

Joyce Wang - Newark PD

Marisa McKeown - Santa Clara County D.A.'s Office


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